Contractors Advantage

Contractors Advantage is open to members of the Greater Baltimore, Chesapeake Shores, Metro Washington and Cumberland Valley chapters of the Associated Builders and Contractors.


Construction worker in hard hat looking over job site
Does your business insurance BUILD dividends?

Ours does! ABC members who purchased their insurance through the Contractors Advantage Program collectively received over $500,000.

  • 15% discount on Commercial Auto and General Liability
  • Gold & Platinum level STEP recipients received
  • Additional savings on Auto and General Liability.
  • Increased limits on Electronic Data Liability and Limited Pollution Liability
  • Increased limits on five Inland Marine coverages
  • Opportunity to earn dividend. As program grows, so does dividend potential
How it Works

Dividend earned is based on total group premium and claims experience of eligible lines.

For example:  
If group premium is: $4.5 million
And group loss ratio is: 20%
Group dividen is: 8%
If individual member premium is: $20,000
Potential dividend could be: $1,600

This is a representative example only. Dividend payments are based upon program eligiblity and are not guaranteed.

Why Penn National Insurance?

We offer protection others don’t.

Our contracting coverages are simply built better. We have extensive experience in offering insurance products tailored to the contracting community. Our contracting endorsements provide for higher limits and broader protection to avoid gaps in coverage. And, adding Contractors’ E&O coverage provides for claims made for damages that your operations become legally obligated to as a result of a negligent act, error or omission. It also provides coverage for a defect in material or in a product sold or installed by your work or operations.

Find an agent near you to learn more about the program.