Commercial Bonds

We can help you secure a commercial bond up to $1.5 million

The major classes of commercial bonds we offer are:

License and permit

These bonds are required by state law, municipal ordinance or other governmental or federal agencies, as a condition to granting a license to engage in a particular business or a permit for a particular privilege.

Public official

Bonds required by public officials, employees and agents of states, counties, municipalities or other political bodies other than the federal government.


If required by the court, this bond is a third-party guarantee that the appointed fiduciary will perform the required duties. As an example, trustees, estate administrators or guardians may be required by the court to obtain a fiduciary bond.


The purpose of the court bond is to preserve the rights of the opposing litigant in the granting of the privilege or remedy.


Any bond that does not fall within the scope of the other categories.


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