Protect Yourself & Your Family

How can you prevent damage to your home and auto?

Your home is not only a financial investment, it’s a place where family & friends gather and where a lifetime of memories are made.

You’ve made sure that your home & auto are covered in the event of a loss, but what about preventing damage to your home & auto? When you factor in deductibles, time off work, not to mention stress, it makes sense to practice preventive maintenance to protect your home and auto from damage.

Auto Tips

Auto Accident Kit

Driver Safety Tips


Home Tips

Home Safety Checklist

Home Safety Tips

Property Inventory

Protect Your Roof

Winter Heating Fires


Your claims adjuster was the most pleasant and courteous person I have ever met. This made us feel safe during a terrible experience. We give five stars for service and compassion. Thank you for everything.

Frankie & Olga R.

Livingston, Tennessee