Property Inventory

Personal Property Inventory is invaluable in case of a loss.

An inventory of your personal property will prove invaluable in case of fire, theft or other damage to your home. When you have completed the inventory, give a copy to your Penn National Insurance agent to keep with your file, and keep a copy in your safe deposit box or in another off-site fireproof location. In addition to a written inventory, you may wish to take a photographic or video inventory.

Tips for taking inventory
  • Set aside several hours to complete your inventory
  • Go through each room methodically
  • Take photos or video of each room to keep with your inventory
  • Record the make and model, serial numbers, brand and manufacturer’s information where applicable
  • Make specific notes of the value of especially valuable items
  • Keep receipts with the inventory filed in an off-site, fireproof location
  • Don’t forget closets, attic, basement and garages
  • Appraisals of collections, jewelry, antiques and other valuables are very important. Keep copies of appraisals with your inventory form. Have your appraisals updated every several years.
  • Update your inventory each time you make a significant purchase 

It was a home owner's disaster, but your adjuster was so calm and reassuring! He came to our house promptly and answered all our questions He returned my calls and was so helpful. You are a great company and addressed all our concerns. Thank you!

Cara B.

North Carolina