Recurring Payments Plan

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You can forget about it. Finding your invoice. Finding a stamp. Looking up your due date. With automatic withdrawal (we call it our Recurring Payments Plan), your premium is automatically withdrawn from your checking account.


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Recurring Payments Plan is not applicable for Workers' Compensation policies on the PayGo plan. To learn more about Workers' Compensation PayGo, click here.

  • What is the Recurring Payments Plan?

    The Recurring Payments Plan (RPP) allows you to have your installment amount automatically withdrawn from your checking account on the installment due date, unless the amount is less than $15. If less than $15, the amount due will be added to the next scheduled withdrawal payment.
  • Are there additional installments or service fees?

    Yes.  A $2.00 installment fee is charged on each installment on recurring payment accounts.  No other fees are charged for this service.
  • Can I have my payment withdrawn from a savings account or charged to a credit card?

    We can withdraw your payment only from a checking account.
  • Will I still get an invoice?

    You will receive one invoice before your first withdrawal and when your policy renews. Your future withdrawal dates and amounts will be listed on the back of your invoice. After that, you will receive an invoice only if the premium amount on your policy changes.

    Sign up to receive an email notification

    You can sign up to receive an email notification of your withdrawal. Register or sign in to your account and click on Paperless Options to enroll.

    Because of the way we are implementing the pick-your-own due date and email notification, some customers may not be eligible for these features. Email notification and pick-your-own due date for RPP customers is available upon your renewal date after the following date:

    Commercial Lines

    StatesYour Renewal Date is On or After:
    Ala., Del., & S.C.May 2, 2014
    N.J., N.C. & Pa.May 30, 2014
  • When will my payment be posted to my account?

    Your payment will be withdrawn from your checking account no sooner than the installment due date and will be posted to your insurance account the same day. If the payment amount is less than$15, the amount due will be added to the next scheduled withdrawal payment.
  • Can I pick my own due date?

    Yes. RPP policyholders on monthly payment plans can pick their own payment due date, from 1 to 28. You can select a due date once within a 12-month period.

    Register or sign in to your account to make your due date selection >

  • Can I change my payment plan?

    Yes. The fastest and easiest way is to sign in to your account and select a new payment plan. Or you can call our Customer Contact Center at 1.800.766.2245 during business hours.
  • How do I sign up?

    To enroll in the Recurring Payment Plan, please register or sign in to your online account, and click on the My Accounts tab.

    You should continue to pay your invoices until you receive your first invoice that indicates that you are in the Recurring Payment Plan.

  • How do I change my checking account?

    To change your checking account information, simple sign in to your account or call the Customer Contact Center.
  • How do I terminate my participation?

    You can terminate your participation in the Recurring Payments Plan anytime by notifying Penn National Insurance. The termination will not be effective until Penn National Insurance has had a reasonable opportunity to act upon it. As such, there may be a subsequent withdrawal from your account even after Penn National Insurance has received notification of your request to terminate this authorization. You can notify us in any of the following ways:

    By email:

    Send termination email

    By fax:


    By phone:


    By mail:

    Penn National Insurance
    Customer Contact Center
    P.O. Box 2257
    Harrisburg, Pa. 17105

  • Who do I contact if I have questions?

    Our Customer Service Representatives will assist you with any questions you should have. Please call 1-800-766-2245 .