Why Choose Us?

We help people feel secure and make life better when bad things happen.

You’re a smart shopper. You buy wisely and don’t like to leave money on the table.

Your independent insurance agent selected us to be your insurance provider, a mutual insurance company. You made a smart buying choice, and here’s why.

All the things we do are guided by our corporate Mission, Vision and Values. Our employees tell you how they fulfil our mission every day.

Our Mission

We help people feel secure and make life better when bad things happen.

Core Values


We are honest and ethical in all our actions.


We give back to our communities through volunteer time and financial support.


We provide frequent, appropriate and truthful communication.


We treat everyone fairly and value diversity among ourselves.


We are accountable for high standards of performance in order to deliver the security we promise.

Our Vision is to be the regional carrier of choice.

"Sometimes you wonder if you have the right insurance company. Now we know that we do."
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Our Annual Report

More than just customers

Our policyholders are much more than just customers to us. Collectively they are our company.

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Founded by Farmers in 1919

Salt of the earth people joining together for their own mutual protection. That's still us today. Computers, high-tech and all. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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