Our provider network includes top-quality, pre-screened health care providers and case managers, offering every type of service an injured worker might need.

Together with you and the injured worker, we will coordinate treatment with our medical providers to create a return-to-work treatment plan that suits everybody’s needs.

Benefits of using our provider network

  • Our provider network offers cost-effective pricing through a comprehensive selection of physicians, ancillary providers and hospitals. Network providers are experienced with diagnosing workplace injuries to more quickly identify proper treatments for restoring the injured workers as close as possible to their pre-injury condition, thereby returning them to the workforce in a limited or full duty basis.  Our network pharmacy program can also help reduce costs. Your intake can provide you with details.  
  • Even if the injured worker has received treatment outside of our provider network, we will encourage the injured worker to use a physician in our network. If your state is not a managed-care state, we will work directly with the physician that the worker has chosen.  
  • We work closely with our provider network and offer you regular status reports on the injured worker’s condition.
  • We review medical bills to make sure that a fair price is charged for medical services.
    A list of your local network doctors and facilities is mailed to you once your policy is issued, or you can call 800-374-4990 for details. Once you have reviewed the list of network doctors, we recommend that you select your providers and notify the provider of your selection. Download this sample letter that you can copy, paste and adjust, as necessary, on your own letterhead.

      Many states allow employers to actively direct the medical care of their injured employees within state guidelines. It is very important for the employer to comply with the state guidelines in order to take the best advantage of our managed care capabilities.

      Select the individual state from below to learn about an individual state's guidelines.