Rapid Response Product Suite

We can respond to the quick turnaround needs of contractors through our Rapid Response suite of products.

It doesn’t take a large, national surety to meet the quick turnaround needs of contractors. In fact, we can focus on you better by responding quickly with a contract bond program through our Rapid Response suite of products.

We are looking to bond emerging contractors, local artisans, small supply accounts or subcontractor referrals from large general contractors. Our streamlined, straightforward underwriting requirements will allow us to respond to you more RAPID-ly across our suite of products. 

The product suite has four levels: 


Single Jobs up to $250,00/Aggregate Bond Value $250,000


  • Program Application
  • Bond Application
  • Review of business owner's Personal Credit


Single jobs up to $500,000/Aggregate Bond Values $500,000


RAPID 250 Requirements, Plus:

  • Personal Tax Return to Verify income


Single Jobs up to $750,000/Aggregate Bond Values $750,000


RAPID 500 Requirements, Plus:

  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • Credible in-house Financial Statements


Single Jobs up to $1,000,000/Aggregate Bond Values 


RAPID 750, Plus:

  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Verification of Person or Corporate Bank Balances for Jobs Over $750,000  

 The name represents single job and aggregate bond value capacity at each level. The corresponding underwriting requirements build upon the information already developed from the lower levels. Our streamlined steps allow you to increase your limits as you grow, without requiring a CPA-audited financial statement.  

Contact your independent insurance agent today. We will respond rapidly. 

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