Business Insurance

Working with an independent agent gives you the luxury of an adviser to find the right coverage for your business.
You’re a savvy business owner and busy professional. The last thing you need to worry about is how much and what kind of coverage you need. Through our independent insurance agents who represent us, we offer all the types of coverage you need. Your independent agent matches you with the insurance companies that suit your business the best. Although insurance policies are often very similar from one company to the next, variables exist that create important differences in the types of protection that they provide and the services that they offer. As a consultant and adviser, your agent will help you understand the risks you face and the insurance you need to protect yourself and your business.
"I never had a claim before. The process was painless! Thank you."
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Keeping The Workplace Safe

It isn't just good business. It's why we're in business. Find out more about our loss control services and library of safety information that you can access online.

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Understanding Your Premium Audit

For some policies, premium is estimated based on past records of your operations. After the policy period ends, a premium audit is conducted to determine your exact exposure during the policy period.

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