An inventory of your personal property will prove invaluable in case of fire, theft or other damage to your home. When you have completed the inventory, give a copy to your Penn National Insurance agent to keep with your file, and keep a copy in your safe deposit box or in another off-site fireproof location. In addition to a written inventory, you may wish to take a photographic or video inventory.

Tips for taking inventory

  • Set aside several hours to complete your inventory
  • Go through each room methodically
  • Take photos or video of each room to keep with your inventory
  • Record the make and model, serial numbers, brand and manufacturer’s information where applicable
  • Make specific notes of the value of especially valuable items
  • Keep receipts with the inventory filed in an off-site, fireproof location
  • Don’t forget closets, attic, basement and garages
  • Appraisals of collections, jewelry, antiques and other valuables are very important. Keep copies of appraisals with your inventory form. Have your appraisals updated every several years.
  • Update your inventory each time you make a significant purchase 

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