Paperless Options

In just one year, you would save 6 pounds of paper by switching to electronic billing.

Go green. In just one year, by switching from paper to electronic billing, statements and payments, the average American household would:

  • Save 6 pounds of paper
  • Save 23 pounds of wood
  • Create the greenhouse gas-reducing benefit of planting and growing one tree for five years
  • Prevent the production of 29 pounds of greenhouse gases, which is the equivalent of:
    • The emissions caused by not driving 30 miles
    • The emissions caused by consuming 2 gallons of gasoline    

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Enjoy the freedom

Not only would you make a difference in your environmental footprint, think of the freedom you would enjoy:

  • Freedom from clutter—no more looking through stacks of mail to find your bill
  • No stamps needed—no more hunting for stamps and making sure the envelope is mailed
  • Pay your bill anywhere, any time. Even if you are on vacation or away from home, you'll know when you bill is due and can pay online.

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