We sell our customers a promise stating that we will help them recover after an accident or some type of disaster strikes. The promise comes in the form of a policy. The delivery comes in the form of service, from our people to our policyholders. Nobody gets excited one way or the other over their policy. Policies get filed away. But policyholders do get excited over the level of service they receive, good or bad. Policies get pulled out of the file only when the policyholder is facing a crisis. That is when we are called upon to deliver upon our promise.

For decades, our customer satisfaction research has shown an unusually high satisfaction level with the service we provide to our policyholders.

Employees in our Claims Division like to say that they cannot control the weather that causes disasters to strike our policyholders, or the accidents that policyholders encounter. But they can control how they respond to our policyholders. And our Claims Division’s management demands that staff members respond promptly and courteously, to replace policyholders’ fears and confusion with confidence and a clear understanding of how we will help them resolve their problems.

The same applies to the staff of our Customer Contact Center, who assist policyholders online and on the phone with questions about billing and policy maintenance. Prompt responses, empathy, confident problem-solving and genial demeanor keep our customers happy when they interact with us.

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